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4 December 1983
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This is me:
I make and remake stuff.
Everything else is Friends Only.
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1880s, 1890s, 1900s, aesthetics, ajattara, alien(s), anime, antiques, apocalyptica, art, ashram-sama, astarise, audiobooks, biking, biseinen, bishounen, black, black hair, blood, buck-tick, cameos, capybaras, casts, checkered things, coffee, cogs, concerts, contact lenses, cooking, correct pronunciation, corsets, cosplay, costumes, crafts, crowns, customizing objects, daydreaming, death note, deep sea fish, detroit metal city, dolls, dreaming, dressing up, edwardian era, elegance, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, english language, engrish, etymology, fanfics, fashion design, felt, finland, finnish language, finnish metal, floristics, flowers, frames, furniture, guinea pigs, hats, interior design, internet, iron sky, j-rock, japan, japanese language, jelonek, jewelry, jrock, lace, languages, linguistics, long black coats, long black hair, long haired men, makeup, malice mizer, mana, manga, mannequins, merry, metalocalypse, metalsmithing, michael wincott, millinery, miniatures, modeling clay, molds, mucc, music, myself, neo-victorian, octopi, orchids, painting, parasols, phonetics, photography, photoshop, plushies, pocket watches, postapocalypse, procrastinating, quills, resin, rodents, rose petals, scaring people, sculpting, seiyuu, seme, sewing, silent films, sleeping, sociology, soldering, spats, stanisław wokulski, steampunk, stephen merchant, tatsurou, tatsurou's voice, tetsu, the dudesons, tinkering, traveling, umbrellas, vampires, verjnuarmu, victorian era, victorian fashion, victorian films, victoriana, villains, visual kei, vocalists, voice, watercolors, weird ideas, zombies, テツ, ムック, メリー, 中田譲治, 日本語, 赤屍蔵人, 逹瑯, 黒田崇矢